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“I don’t think there’s anybody that’s equipped to speak with you, frankly,” she said.

“I’m going to hang up.” In spite of grave concerns, is back on the air Despite the federal investigation, Animal Planet premiered a new run of the show with an episode called “Phantom Menace” last Sunday, June 8.

Sick baby raccoons left in the care of production staffers The USDA documents also reveal new details of the saga that eventually led to the death of one of the raccoons used for a 2012 episode involving the staged “rescue” of a family of raccoons.

The investigator found that the vet who received the baby raccoons as part of the episode’s rescue scene immediately diagnosed the babies with dehydration, contradicting Sharp Entertainment’s earlier statements to that the baby raccoons were transferred to the vet in question in a good condition, and “by all accounts were healthy.” Arango concludes in his investigation notes that show’s producers likely exposed raccoons in its care to unnecessary harm through mistreatment: …

Everybody that has see him loves how neat made and shallow he is but yet he's so blowed apart clear through him with muscles shape and combines the skeletal correctness that is so hard to get.

The complete dossier—a mix of emails, case files, and memoranda compiled over four months by one of the USDA’s law enforcement arms—contains new details that add to Although they deny it, Sharp Entertainment acquires, holds, uses and disposes of the animals during and after the filming the show…It appears that Sharp Entertainment could not legally become licensed to use trapped or captured native wildlife without circumventing state law. Reached by phone, Animal Planet’s vice president for communications, Patricia Kollappallil, declined to comment on the internal USDA report or refer questions.

Now, federal authorities have confirmed cases of animal mistreatment in the show.

In a 60-page internal dossier, one investigator says animals used on set likely suffered “deprivation and distress” that “threatened their health and well-being.” —reveal investigators criticizing the show’s producers for supplying “contradictory and incomplete” statements to authorities, and calling for a “more exhaustive and detailed” investigation than the preliminary “fact finding” the department has been engaged in since Inspectors also fault the show’s star, Ernie Brown Jr., known as Turtleman, for traumatizing a protected species of zebra by tackling the animal to the ground by its neck, all with the cameras rolling.

Buyers should monitor the ewe from the time of purchase to lambing for proper management).

Any indication of fetus count is only an estimation (This estimation can be more or less. Ewes are sold as bred at the time of sale and delivery.

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