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5) On the World Wide Web, a channel is a preselected Web site that can automatically send updated information for immediate display or viewing on request. 6) In computer and Internet marketing, a channel is a "middleman" between a product creator and the marketplace.

Value-added resellers (VAR) and retail store chains are examples of channels in this context.

In information technology, the term channel is used in a number of ways.

1) In telecommunications in general, a channel is a separate path through which signals can flow.

This software is automatically downloaded when you use Boot Camp Assistant.

Boot Camp supports 64-bit versions of Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro when used with a supported Mac.

After you install Windows, you can install the latest version of i Tunes for Windows to listen to your music or play videos.

You'll need to authorize i Tunes in Windows to play music or videos you've purchased from the i Tunes Store.

If you have an existing 32-bit installation of Windows on your Mac, you'll need to back up your important files so that you can remove the existing Windows partition and install a 64 bit version of Windows.

You can upgrade existing 64-bit installations of Windows 7, or 8.1 to Windows 10.

You need at least 10 GB of free space on your Windows partition.

When you install Windows on a Mac that includes a Fusion Drive, the Windows partition is created on the mechanical hard drive part of the Fusion Drive (not the SSD).

Microsoft Bit Locker is not compatible with Boot Camp volumes.

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