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This ratio might be as important as your credit score.

A DTI below 36 will increase your chances of obtaining the loan you are seeking.

As a minimum, for temporary debt relief, the payment schedule must result in lower monthly payments.

If you don't get the right terms on the loan, your debt problem could get worse rather than better.

If so, don't even think about using a car title loan (in which you place your car as collateral for the loan) to consolidate your debt.

Not so much because you risk loosing your car (90% of times this will not happen), but because title loan lenders can charge outrageous, triple digits, rates.

However, if you have a score between 650 (or in some cases 660) and 700, you are not guaranteed the best rates (the ones that are usually advertised).Your payment history is reflected in your credit score, which is an indicator of how creditworthy you are.How confident are you that you'll be able to make the payments on the consolidation loan?And what about unplanned expenses that could arise?What is your health condition and healthcare coverage?

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Getting the right terms on an unsecured consolidation loan is determined in large part by your credit scores.

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