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Am needing some answers fast as I nearly got taken all the way to the bank with the scam.This is the one where they say they are from microsoft and the need remote access to you computer to show you something.Hi all, I got same phone call and got to the stage of going to www .site but than my slow alarm bells went off and terminated the session. PLEASE let me know ASAP things to know about this scam.

and try to not make it a real word, as there was a famous case of a BT network at Gatwick which had a superuser name of fred and a password of fred which then allowed hackers to access the whole air traffic control system of the uk.

just going to the site will not infect you, neither will clicking ok.

it is what they do when they have control which can install viruses, but if they did not access your machine then passwords will be secure even if you clicked ok and then disconnected.

it is usually something like 123-456-789 the only problem would be AFTER you have clicked ok and run the support program, you can watch what they are doing so you can see what they do.

from the opening message it appears that they clicked ok then disconnected so they may not have had time to actually do anything.

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as long as you didnt click ok you should be fine ,just remember Microsoft will never cold call you ,also for your own peice of mind it never hurts to change password every now and then make sure you put numbers aswell as letters.

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