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The light that draws 75 watts may run 3 hours a day.Once you have determined how many watts you use a day from each appliance, add them up to give you the daily watt-hour results.A portable solar sytem on wheels is another versatile option for solar power and in this article you can see photos and simple instructions.I recommend learning the fundamentals of solar power on small projects like these and then using that knowledge on larger projects, such as a system to power a home or man cave.Now divide the daily watt-hours by the wattage produced by one solar panel.Using the 2400 daily watt-hour figure from the above example, you would divide the 2400 by 375 and need 6.4 panels. For this system you would need seven 75-watt solar panels and four 300-amp hour batteries.For example, if you have deep cycle batteries rated at 300 amp hours, you would need 4 batteries.The Vmaxtanks brand is one of the highest rated deep cycle battery brands that I have found.

If you’re intrigued with solar power and its uses, in this article I explain a simple way to turn a simple 12-volt battery pack into a small solar generator and more explanation for building a small solar system here.

Divide the daily watt-hours by the wattage of your solar panels, times the number of hours of sun.

If you have a 75-watt panel and 5 hours of sun per day, you would produce 375 watts per day per panel.

The first step is to determine how much power the appliances and lights you intend to run draw. The wattage of a UL listed/approved appliance can usually be found near the AC power cord. If it is in amps, a simple formula will let you convert it to watts: Volts x Amps = Watts.

In other words if your appliance draws 4 amps, the formula would be 120 x 4= 480 watts.

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