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Even though Margaret had her suspicions for quite some time, after more than a year of talking with this man, she’s still under his spell.“I actually feel like a bit of a traitor for talking to you and I don’t know why! Recently, though, she confided in her brother, who was just relieved she had not travelled to Estonia.

He appealed to Margaret to lend him the money, so using Western Union, she sent him ,000.Then he gave her another name, telling her he’d acquired a fake Nigerian passport and asking her to book a ticket for Ese Obasogie Omorodion to Lagos.The Nigerian factor, and the fact that a man by this name did indeed make that flight, set off alarm bells for Margaret, who believes this is the true name of the man she had been speaking with for 14 months. The photographs Margaret was sent of Mark Grant were traced to a Facebook account of a man from Iceland.“We talked about ordinary things, such as our Christian faith, what he was cooking for dinner, where he went to church,” she explains.“He’d always text me or ring me to say he was home from work.”By April, Mark was professing his deep love for Margaret.

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