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Pichler refers to Baumberg’s poems as a ‘beautiful legacy left to her fatherland and one would only wish that they were better known and more vivid in the memory of today’s world, as they deserve.’ Gabriele von Baumberg’s poetry, which was published in Blumauer-Ratschky’s ‘Almanac of the Muses’ as early as 1786, has, in Mozart’s setting, achieved immortality.” May 26, 2016 Categories: Classical Music, In Mozart's Footsteps, Salzburg, Vienna, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart .Tags: 'Als Luise' K.520, art, Austria, classic, classical music, culture, education, events, family, friends, history, inspiration, journal, life, Mozart, Mozart Residence Salzburg, Mozart's Children, Mozarts Wohnung Salzburg, music, Music's Wonderful Children, people, personal, reflections, Salzburg, spirituality, Tanzmeistersaal, thoughts, Vienna, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart . So challenging was His experience that He pleaded with the Father to deliver Him from the terms He accepted in eternity past when the persons of the Trinity agreed on how He would purchase His bride from sinful humanity.In the depth of His torment, Christ prayed that God the Father would remove the bitter cup He was about to drink if the purchase of His bride could be accomplished any other way.„It’s really about the parents being informed and involved and giving us the choice and rights of what’s being introduced to our kids, and at what age,” said another parent.

She frequented the circle surrounding the author Karoline Pichler (1769-1843) who also knew Jacquin and Mozart.

“And being in agony he prayed more earnestly, and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground” (Luke ).

When we think of the greatest temptation of Christ we might think of His forty days without food in the wilderness, culminating in the Devil’s appeal to Christ at His weakest points as a man.

As we reported in 2009, a UN report on ‘International Guidelines on Sexuality Education’ proposes desensitizing children as young as five to the concepts of masturbation and having an abortion.

And we also reported on a preschool teaching kids the terms “innersex” and “genderqueer.” But none of this is accidential.

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