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With each other, if someone shows that a [certain] part sounds better with their voice on it, that’s what we’re going to do.We’re all conscious about making sure that we’re all represented.Now it’s just the four of us, we had to vibe with each other [again]. How does it work now in terms of dividing up vocals and who is going to sing what?(Editor’s note: found that Cabello sang the most lines on 5H’s first two albums.)Kordei: It’s not really about leads for us.To be 100 percent in that world with each other is magical.“Work From Home” was such a blockbuster anthem last year.Was there pressure to try and top that without reproducing a version of it?You have had much more input this time around in terms of writing songs. We went into it making sure we represent ourselves as artists.When we did [second album] , people got to meet us and see who we are as people, and who we were as people wasn’t coming through properly in our music.

What became apparent in the ensuing confusion was that there was not, in fact, harmony in Fifth Harmony.

They changed the “I” in Cabello’s opening line, “I ain’t worried ‘bout nothin’,” to “We,” sending an emphatic statement that the group would be just fine.

In the months since that performance, 5H have been in the studio working on their first album as a foursome, and this time, they say, they’re doing things their way.

Actually, we’re more inspired this time around because able to connect with it in a way that we never have before.

We have always connected on a scale of, like, socially, like interacting with fans, and how we were able to impact them with things we said. But, now, also on a creative level, it’s matching that.

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As Kordei tells : “We’re women now.”I recently spoke to Kordei and bandmate Jauregui about the new 5H album and their new harmony as a four-piece: You must have been pretty nervous going into that first performance as a four-piece in January, right? We were definitely prepared and excited for it, and we were very grateful that they still wanted us to perform.

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