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Born between 19, Gen Xers grew up in an era of emerging technology and political and institutional incompetence.Watergate, Three Mile Island, Bhopal, the Iranian hostage crisis, Iran-Contra and the Clinton-Lewinsky debacles mark the emergence of this generation.For those parents determined to raise their children with less dependence on day care, many seek part-time employment, depend on extended family-assisted day care or stay at home, creating some drain on family finances.Although very good about managing money, savings inevitably is affected by having only one partner working full time.

Just as Gen Xers were about to hit the workforce to make their mark in the world, the economic decline at the end of the 1980s occurred. Ethnic and cultural issues/implications Advancements in technology and exposure to music television brought different cultures into the living rooms of this generation.

Using a mix of traditionalism and pragmatism, Generation X parents struggle to bring new meaning and balance to childrearing.

Determined not to repeat the errors of their parents in childrearing and contradicting the popular saying “It take a village to raise a child,” Generation X parents, from early experience, emphasize that it takes to raise a child.

Generational perspectives of the EAP For this generation, EAPs have evolved toward work/life services.

Companies adopted flexible work arrangements and work/life services to meet their needs.

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While Baby Boomers whined about the long lines for gas in the mid-1970s, Gen Xers watched from the back seat wondering what the future held.

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