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If you've already paid employees during the current calendar year, it's important to enter that information before running payroll.This will ensure accurate YTD totals on pay stubs, and accurate W-2s.Tip: Many banks refer to this feature as Web Connect.If you are outside of the US, they might refer to this as a Bank Transaction Upload.

----------------------------- Error: "The uploaded file contains invalid transaction amount information." We can't download transactions with amounts that exceed 11 digits. ----------------------------- Error: "An Online Banking update is currently in progress.” You'll get this error if you try to do a normal automatic update at the same time you're trying a Web Connect upload.Within QBOA, Accountants can set a date range for the period in which the Accountant will be working.This allows for all reports and tools to automatically open with the needed date range, rather than with the client's default report settings.You shouldn't need to manually upload a bank file for an account you've connected.If you do, for example, download historical bank data earlier than the last 90 days, be very careful to specify the date range on your bank's website.

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