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Please download the In March a listing of summer camps for students and teachers is published.This directory lists pricing, dates, contact information, and courses offered. However, many summer camps also choose to place display advertisements for greater visibility.magazine is printed 11 times a year, with a paid circulation going out to band and orchestra directors.Our advertising deadlines are generally the first of the month prior to publication.Thus physicists need not believe that the fundamental laws of physics (e.g.Einstein’s light principle) are true or that the fundamental physical entities (e.g. Rather, these are just useful fictions that help physicists predict phenomena.

There are several types of scientific realists, but the most well known ones are realists about scientific laws and entities (Boyd 1983; Psillos 1999), and realists about scientific entities only (Hacking 1983; Cartwright 1983).The statements of writers and advertisers are not necessarilty those of the magazine, which reserves the right to refuse to print an advertisement.The Instrumentalist, ISSN-0020-4331, is published ten times per year by The Instrumentalist Publishing Co., 1838 Techny Court, Northbrook, IL 60062.This issue reaches subscribers in early December, just before they leave for the conference.Many advertisers have realized the effectiveness of placing an ad in this issue to attract our subscribers to their booths.

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