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Ironically although technology moves the dating process along more quickly, the tools enabling this can be so time-consuming!

First you have to set up a profile like you do for Facebook or Linked In except selling your personal features and attributes. You have to tread that fine line between not appearing a boring loser and not appearing an egotist. Look at any dating site and you will see the best examples of over marketing outside Madison Avenue!

”:-)Technology gadgets in the dating arena were initially welcomed with open arms.

However with the high-tech dating features many have encouraged the growth of the superficial dating arena.

People post ideal versions of themselves, almost like perfected avatars, some even post fake photos of other people on their profile.

Yes, it certainly appears to be the case that the processing of dating has sped up over time.

When you think back to a couple of hundred years ago, a letter was sent by postal mail and had to be received, thoughtfully replied to and then sent back via the same slow postal service.

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