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It was certainly non-conformist, and I liked the mystery surrounding it." So Kathy found a Wiccan high priestess who took her under her wing and taught her how to be a witch.

In addition, Wiccans live by one central rule called The Rede, which says, "Harm no one, do what you will." In other words, witches are free to do whatever seems right to them as long as they avoid harming others.She lived in Salem, Mass., a place with a history of witchcraft and many practicing Wiccans."I was always kind of artsy, different and non-conformist," she says, "Wicca attracted my interest because it appealed to those facets of my personality.I started screaming out my Wiccan spells to rebuke them, hoping they would disappear. Instantly they were gone, and my bedroom was once again calm and warm.My life was never the same after that." The next day on the way to school Kathy told herself, She walked into a church that afternoon and has never looked back.

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Also, the Christian-based Spiritual Counterfeits Project hotline in Berkeley, California, reports receiving more inquiries about Wicca in recent years than any other religion. It's hard to deny that Wicca and other similar practices are exploding in popularity.

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