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But by the end of season three she learns the truth about Mary and Dad, which is far different than the propaganda fed to her by her creator.

This leads to her running away and being teleported, along with Dad, to EG's lair.

NPCs of note The Others - In a season 2 episode of the same name, EG Mk 5 tells Splice that "The Others" have not appeared and that he is sending the transmissions from Dad's camera out into the world so "The Others" might discover it and subsequently find their way back to him.

As it happens, Lil Sas has been watching them for some time and unlike both of them, Evil Genus' mind probes have no effect on him. We can acknowledge that Missy and Ben are approximately the same age.

This ability to thwart Evil Genus allows Sasquatch to travel unhindered and unafraid.

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Is he referring to You Tube viewers or others out there "like him" or something else entirely?

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