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The ladies who are dressed to kill are obviously looking for some attention.You don’t really rule them out as someone you might seduce; but the competition for them will be a lot stronger.Chances are that they might want to get laid tonight too. This is where things get really interesting and this is what separates those who are lucky from those who are good; those who get laid tonight from those who don’t.So you’ve picked out a woman that you find attractive and who fits our criteria for being open to seduction; what’s next? You need to observe her body language before you approach her and all the while that you are talking to her.The ones who look like they just rolled out of bed are trying not to call attention to themselves; they certainly aren’t trying to attract anyone; these are the ones least likely to be open to seduction. Then there are the ones who are in between the two extremes; these are the ones you want to focus on; they are the best candidates for seduction.They aren’t attention whores but they aren’t dressed in such a way as to discourage attention either.She will subconsciously understand this to mean that you are interested in her but not yet “hooked”.Couple that with glancing away from her and looking at other women; not staring; just quick glances; and she will interpret this to mean that you feel like you have other options.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t be successful with women: We just can’t rely on “luck”; instead we have to learn to be good.With an understanding of body language you will always know what she is thinking and feeling no matter what she might be saying.You can also silently send signals that will bypass her intellectual brain and tap directly into her feelings and emotions; and lead those feelings down the path to where you want them to go.This works well for guys who just want to “fine tune” their game on the fly.A little farther down the page, I’m going to give you the detailed, point-by-point run down of what you need to do and how you need to do it in order to: you are going to get laid today.

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You also need to know how to send out the right “silent signals” of your own.

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