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As for ceremonies, at first they were not elaborated as now.All ceremonial evolves gradually out of certain obvious actions done at first with no idea of ritual, but simply because they had to he done for convenience.It should be noted also that, whereas we may speak of our Mass quite correctly as the Liturgy, we should never use the word Mass for the Eucharistic Sacrifice in any Eastern rite.Mass ( missa ) is the name for that service in the Latin Rites only.At Athens the leitourgia was the public service performed by the wealthier citizens at their own expense, such as the office of gymnasiarch, who superintended the gymnasium, that of choregus, who paid the singers of a chorus in the theatre, that of the hestiator, who gave a banquet to his tribe, of the trierarchus, who provided a warship for the state.The meaning of the word liturgy is then extended to cover any general service of a public kind.For some time the Eucharistic Service was in many details fluid and variable.It was not all written down and read from fixed forms, but in part composed by the officiating bishop.

In Luke , Zachary goes home when "the days of his liturgy " ( ai hemerai tes leitourgias autou ) are over.It has never been used either in Latin or Greek for any Eastern rite.Their word, corresponding exactly to our Mass , is Liturgy.The Byzantine Liturgy is the service that corresponds to our Roman Mass; to call it the Byzantine (or, worse still, the Greek) Mass is as wrong as naming any other of their services after ours, as calling their Hesperinos Vespers, or their Orthros Lauds.When people go even as far as calling their books and vestments after ours, saying Missal when they mean Euchologion, alb when they mean sticharion, the confusion becomes hopeless.

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