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I can't imagine anyone has shot a Mag 10 enough to fatigue a coil spring, unless it was defective to start with.

I believe I would definitely get the heavy springs for your turkey loads, but I suspect they will give problems with your waterfowl steel loads.

My Remington SP10 worked fine - its just that I want an Ithaca.During my May 2017 trip to Kefalonia I had the chance to visit the neighboring island of Ithaca.Because of my interest in astronomy and general knowledge of the epic Trojan War story of Odysseus, I was intrigued to discover that an eclipse coincided with Odysseus’ return to Ithaca, his homeland, following his involvement in the legendary 10-year Trojan War and his further 10-year struggle home.Over the millennia, it has undergone several delicate restoration processes, enabling modern day researchers to study the text.NASA collaborating with archaeometry researchers has deciphered Homer's legendary Odyssey using the scripted poems to interpret the meanings non just in an ancient mythological setting, but also in a modern astronomical context.

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