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The executive power is exercised by a President of the Republic assisted in the execution of the mandate by two Deputy Presidents.

The President of the republic is both the head of state and government.

Janvier Ncamatwi holds a Master in Human Rights and Pacific Conflict Resolution.

He has been a lawyer at the Burundi Bar Association since 2004.

It has an area of 27,834 square kilometres and is one of Africa’s smallest countries Since 2014, Burundi has three officially recognized languages: Kirundi, French, and English.

Of these, only Kirundi is spoken by the vast majority of the population.

An examination of the way in which the monarchical system operated during the pre-colonial period, based on oral sources, reveals positive and negative aspects of the system.

Passionate about human rights, Janvier cooperates with several NGOs, including ASF, Ligue Iteka, the Christian Association Against Torture (ACAT) and is a Legal Fellow at International Bridges to Justice (Burundi office).

Burundi, a landlocked Republic in Eastern Africa, is bordered on the north by Rwanda, on the east by Tanzania and on the west by Lake Tanganyika and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Jean-Claude Barakamfitiye, a human rights and intellectual property lawyer, holds a Masters’ Degree in Intellectual Property from Africa University (Zimbabwe), the Graduate Certificate in Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation from the School for International Training –SIT (Vermont, USA) and a Bachelor of Law from the University of Burundi.

Laureate of Burundi Janusz KORCZAK Award for the rights of the child, he is having a comprehensive experience in human rights and legal aid for his engagement with human rights NGOs such as International Bridges to Justice (IBJ), Burundi Bar Association and Trial International.

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