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She would never call upon an unmarried gentleman at his place of residence.She couldn't receive a man at home if she was alone.He arrives in good time, fills his card before very long, and can be asked to dance with a plain, neglected wallflower or two without resenting it.He takes his partner duly to the refreshment-room after each dance, if she wishes to go, and provides her with whatever she wishes.

Shall not hold a ladies arm, except when support is needed. When a gentleman is seated in a restaurant and a lady acquaintance enters and bows the gentleman should return the bow while he remains seated, if the lady stops at his table the gentleman shall rise and remain standing till she departs.Another family member had to be present in the room.A gentlewoman never looked back after anyone in the street, or turned to stare at others at church, the opera, etc.A single woman never addressed a gentleman without an introduction. A gentleman could offer his hand over rough spots, the only contact he was allowed with a woman who was not his fiance.Proper women never rode alone in a closed carriage with a man who wasn't a relative.

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